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A Sokoban puzzle-adventure.

Psychoban brings you a deeper concept in puzzle gaming, drawing from proven classics such as Sokoban to create a unique and immersive experience!
  • Brain-scrambling puzzles: Psychoban takes you through an entirely new dimension of puzzle-adventure experience. A non-stop concatenation of challenges, hilarious situations and gorgeous visuals will squeeze you out of any remnants of sanity.
  • Insanely great interface: If you want to move a crate, just click on it and then where you want to move it! You tell Mental Dude what you want him to do, and he does it!
  • Deranged settings and environments: Make your way through six of the world's creepiest locations, and become a part of their gruesome, gore-stained history.
  • Mad quantities of levels: Sixty levels of concentrated challenge-packed puzzles will keep you hooked-in to the last second!
  • Alienating, comedy-driven story: Join the adventure of Mental Dude, his quest for freedom, the recovery of his memories and a grip to reality.
  • Lunacy guaranteed!
Key Features
  • 40 rooms in the Story Mode in 4 different settings: Hospital, Creepy Mansion, Condemned Prison and Electroshock Institute).
  • 10 additional rooms in the Temple Challenge.
  • 10 additional rooms in the Buddy Box Challenge.
  • 6 Achievements
  • 6 unlockable strips
  • Time mode and Relax mode
  • Amazing 3D levels with dynamic lights
  • Two camera modes
  • Full screen supported
  • And much more!
Release Notes