Puppy Luv: A New Breed

1.0.2 for

A virtual doggie.

Puppy Luv "A New Breed" is your new travel and home companion. This puppy will provide unconditional love for you and the entire family and you will have hours of fun playing with your new best friend. From caring to tricks your new puppy will keep you entertained for hours and hours, but don?t forget him, he still gets hungry and is always looking to be loved.
  • Real time attributes that change depending on the dogs mood, that you can keep track of and keep him happy.
  • Pick from 4 different breeds Mutt or Beagle, Dalmatian and a Labrador of different colors
  • Train your dog to do tricks
  • Over 10 tricks (11 Tricks Total)
  • Upgrade you back yard! Everything from trees to a new Dog House for your puppy.
  • New features like dog being scared, interactive AI, new animations for happy, idol around the backyard, new Menu and HUD, updated storefront.
  • Store where you can buy him over 25 different Toys
  • 6 Competition where you can win Money
  • Full Screen and windowed Mode
Release Notes Version 1.0.2:
  • Fixed an installation issue