Quake III Cell Shading

1.0 for

Gives Q3 a cartoon-like cell shaded look.

Quake III Cell Shading gives Q3 the cell-shaded look (cartoon-like).


  • You need the retail Quake III Arena installed and patched to version 1.32.
  • NOTE: If, when loading a level, it takes a lot, please wait. Our texture filters can be slow sometimes :-)
  • Download the last version here http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=169901
  • Unzip the maz .zip file and copy its content (two applications) to the Quake III Arena folder (usually it's "Applications:Quake III Arena"), the README and CHANGES files are not mandatory.
  • Run either "Quake3 Cell Shading" or "White Texture" to use one or other cel shading technique. White Texture will take longer to load the main screen game, please be patient (this only applies to Mac OS X due to how we run the game).
  • Enjoy. If you need any help, use the forums on the Web page http://q3cellshading.sourceforge.net/
Release Notes Version 1.0:
  • Alternative cell shading algorithm (white texture). You can try using the supplied shortcut or by running "quake3.cs +set r_celshadalgo 2".
  • Rocket smoke trail and sprites like fonts do not have the cel shading contourn. That should make things easy to read and multiple rockets in a game won't bug the players.
  • Sprites (such as buttons, and most text) are not been cel shaded. That should make text and buttons easier to read.
Bug fixes:
  • Mirrors weren't working as expected, now it's fixed.
  • Sky/depth bug fixed. This was very noticeable ;-)
  • New Makefile. Should be easier to make under Linux.
New variables:
  • r_celshadalgo Disable(0), Enable Kuwahara Filtering(1), Enable White Texture(2) for Cel Shading.
  • r_celoutline Disable(0) or Enable(1) cell shading contourn.
Special Notes Quake III Arena 1.32 (full install).