1.0.2 for

Run your own quiz show, similar to Jeopardy.

Questionable lets you create your own questions and categories to run your own quiz show! Use USB mice, gamepads, joysticks or keyboards as buzzers for as many players as you like. Display the game board full screen on a second display for the game players while the host sees all the questions and answers! Great for classrooms and parties.
Release Notes Version 1.0.2:
  • Fixed bugs that caused questionable to crash in Mac OS X 10.5.
  • Fixed bug that did not reset the host's timer after a player answered incorrectly.
  • Changed the keyboard shortcuts for "correct" (O) and "incorrect" (X) to "o" and "x" respectively. This is easier to press.
  • The length of the time to buzz in after a player as already answered a question incorrectly has been shortened to half what is set in the users preferences. The reason for this is that by the time a player has answered a question incorrectly the remaining players have had lots of time to come up with the correct answer. If they know the the answer they will most likely buzz in immediately after the previous player's question is marked wrong. This speeds up the game a little, with no disadvantage to the players.
  • When a new player is added, that player is automatically selected.
  • When a player's button has been set the next player with an unset button is now selected automatically. If there are no more players with unset buttons, the selection does not change. This change was made to speed up the game setup process.