Race into Space for

Space race-themed strategy game.

Race Into Space is the free software version of Interplay's Buzz Aldrin's Race into Space, a strategy game covering the space race, from Sputnik to landing on the moon.

This is the reworked version following the source release for the computer version of the Liftoff! board game by Fritz Bronner. This was originally developed by Strategic Visions and published by Interplay in as a disk based game in 1992 and a CD-ROM in 1994.

Release Notes Version

This release improves the interface a bit to make the game easier to administer. It also includes a few bug fixes and improvements to the back end of the code, and some small changes to gameplay.

Bug Fixes and code improvement:

  • Fixed bug in the order of missions in 2-player games
  • Fixed bug in 'naut morale calculations--changed penalty/bonus when crewmates are (in)compatible
  • Removed extra duration step on duration missions (the game used to roll against Duration A, which isn't actually a duration level)
  • Sound sampling upgraded from 8-bit to 16-bit
  • Zombie Crew Bug fixed (we hope) (bug #2085366)
  • The game now offers an advanced preference option to temporarily raise components' Max R&D when they are flown (Max R&D is reset in case of a catastrophic failure). This allows players to benefit from dummy tests flown prior to reaching Max R&D, and should allow them to research back to where they left off if hardware safety is reduced by a newscast.
  • Safety penalty in non-catastrophic failures reduced from 10 to 0-10 (0 if "All systems are GO")
  • Boosted rocket Safety calculation can now be changed: default remains to multiply rocket*booster Safety, but players can set it back to the average of the two (the way it was in BARIS) in Advanced Preferences
  • Launch Facility screen now shows morale boxes next to assigned crew members
  • Reduced penalty in manned missions when no one dies to -7
  • Mission Review screen now shows prestige firsts (and seconds) achieved on a given mission
  • Viewing Stand now shows all missions flown, not just the last three
  • Autopurchase now shows the cost of selected equipment
  • Some Soviet hardware names changed to be more historically accurate
  • Lunar missions have been shortened & made more accurate: Earth Orbital Insertion Burn, Earth Orbital Activities, and Earth De-Orbit Burn steps have been replaced with a single Reentry Corridor step
  • Damaged equipment (i.e., where you said No to pay xMB or suffer y% Safety) shows the damaged Safety in R&D and other screens, and R&D also lets you change your mind during the turn and fix it after all, if you want to
  • The game now lets you select which crew member is first to set foot on the Moon (your choice is displayed in the endgame screen)
  • Players are no longer required to assign a backup crew to missions (the requirement can be turned back on in Advanced Preferences)