Radiant Weirdness Zone

1.0.4 for

Destroy the squids with a flying armadillo.

Radiant Weirdness Zone is a side-scrolling shooting game. Your job is to pilot Clancy, the flying armadillo, through twelve increasingly weird and dangerous stages of play, and to destroy all of the floating Squids therein.

Fortunately, Clancy has three powerful weapons at his disposal: the standard shot; the wave shot; and the backfiring laser. Each of these weapons gains experience points every time it is used to eliminate a baddie. When a weapon reaches a certain number of experience points, its power level increases and it becomes more effective against tougher baddies. When you finish playing a game of Radiant Weirdness Zone, your weapon levels are saved for the next time you play so that you won't have to start building up your power from scratch.

Be sure to watch out for "rare baddies"! Any rare baddies that you shoot down will appear in the "Rare Baddies Checklist" panel of the Options window. Peruse your collection at your leisure, and remember all the fun you had trying to catch each baddie. Try to find them all!

When you first download the game, Radiant Weirdness Zone runs in "Demo Mode", which means that your weapons will not be able to increase in power beyond level five. Certain rare baddies will also not appear until the game has been registered. All other game features remain unchanged in Demo Mode. You can purchase a registration code for the game for $10 by following the link on our website to Kagi's secure online store.

Release Notes Version 1.0.4:
  • Radiant Weirdness Zone is now a Universal Binary
  • The player is now rewarded with an extra life every 50,000 points
  • Assorted performance enhancements and behind-the-scenes tweaking
Version 1.0.3: Additional optimisations to the game engine should yield slightly better performance.