Raging Pigs

1.0.3 for

Arcade-style action game.

In Raging Pigs, the pigs are back, and boy are they pissed! Control the raging pigs as they smash, squish, and squash birds through 168 levels of pig-jumping arcade fun. Enjoy hours of fun as you win up to 3 eggs per level in this fast-paced arcade puzzler!

Each level presents different challenges and puzzles to solve including pushing and pulling crates, platforms to activate, hot chili-pepper powers, arrow-shooting crossbows, protective helmets, fire platforms, disappearing platforms, falling crates, and the everlasting infinity level.

Thanks for buying Raging Pigs. Also available for the iPad in the iTunes App Store.

Release Notes Version 1.0.3:
  • Changed "Now Your Bacon" texts to say "Now You're Bacon".