Ramblin Ambulance for

Rescue people from a mysterious sickness.

Ramblin Ambulance...In a small desert town, a mysterious sickness of unknown origin has descended upon its residents, instigating fear and havoc among the townspeople. During the evacuation, rescuers became fearful of contracting the illness and abandoned the sick, leaving them stranded in their hospital gurneys, scattered around the town, left to die under the desert sun.

As the only remaining paramedic, you believe it is your duty to rescue those in need, despite your own potential exposure to the sickness. To make matters worse, vigilantes want to stop your solo rescue operation. They believe that the sick should die, thus preventing the spread of the sickness beyond the town.

Are you brave enough complete the rescue mission? Perhaps, if youre lucky enough and skillful enough, you might also find the source of the mysterious illness.

The mission encompasses 15 levels of gameplay and an assortment of special items.

Release Notes Version
  • When in fullscreen mode, the mouse cursor will hide itself. When the mouse is moved, then the cursor will reappear.
  • Corrected a math error calculating the tbn used in bump mapping.
  • When in fullscreen mode, pressing command q will quit the game.
  • The camera no longer will move, when the player crashes.
  • Pressing the return key in the options menu section did not save the settings properly.
  • Increased coldet timeout in config settings.
  • Compiled game with gcc 4.2.
  • Regression tested.