Raven Shield Updater

1.0.1 for

Enhances performance & fixes minor weapon bugs.

Raven Shield Updater 1.0.1:
  • Firing animation, sound and muzzle flash should now be completely synchronized with rigger pull. Additionally, the network code for firing bullets has been reworked and less information is now sent for each bullet fired. This wll hopefully result in a performance improvement in heavy firefights in restricted bandwidth situations.
  • Added a spam filter which is configurable in the server.ini and supports a voting option. The following is a description of the new variables in the server.ini to configure the spam filter.
  • Tweaked the silenced weapon damage to hopefullly make the silencer a real option in Raven Shield. Silenced weapons should now do a minimum of 50% of the damage their noisy counterparts do. Additionally, the silenced SPP pistol should now be even more "silent."
  • The Drawing tool is now accessible between rounds.
  • Player will now automatically switch to their primary weapon when they've thrown their last grenade.
  • Two buttons have been added to change the map order in the "Create Server" menu. The admin now has the ability to change/add/clear the game password without needing to restart the server.
Release Notes
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