Red Cells

1.0.2 for

Eliminate the cancer cells in this puzzle game (was Cancer Cutter).

Red Cells is an action puzzle game. The game board in Red Cells consists of a grid of red and white cells. Click a red cell to convert it to a white cell. Hold the mouse button and drag the mouse to cut a row or column of red cells.

Every few seconds the red cells spread and random white cells will mutate into red cells. The object of the game is to clear the grid of red cells. If the red cells spread past the edges of the grid, the game ends.

Red Cells comes with 30 human-designed levels plus an unlimited number of randomly generated levels. It is a game that is both easy to learn and challenging.

Release Notes Version 1.0.2:
  • Changed the warning sound the game plays when the red cells are close to the edge.
  • Fixed a potential bug where new red cells could disappear when the player minimizes the game window. In this situation the player could clear all the red cells but not complete the level.