Righteous Kill

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Investigate crime scenes in New York City in this puzzle game.

Righteous Kill... Step into the shoes of Erica Dean as she investigates crime scenes in New York City. It's a man hunt for a vigilante on a killing spree through 16 locations containing over a thousand hidden objects. With the help of Sergeant Vasquez, Erica will use clues she collects in a number of detective-themed mini games. Inspired by the motion picture film, Righteous Kill features clips from the movie and 15 animated levels.


  • Engaging side story to the Righteous Kill movie
  • Animated and atmospheric environments
  • In-game tutorial seamlessly integrated into the game
  • Beautiful and realistic visual style that conveys the New York City setting
  • Multiple mini-games bases on detective activities
  • Over one thousand objects
  • Integrated hint system
  • Exciting plot and storyline
Release Notes Version 1.0.1: Fixed a bug that caused the text to disappear on subsequent launches.