Roadworks X

1.1.2 for

Arcade tile laying game.

Roadworks is a puzzle game in the tradition of Breakout, Tetris and even Pac-man. The object of Roadworks is to lay tiles, each with different piece of 'road', on a grid in such a way as to keep your car from crashing. You can lay straight tiles, corner tiles, 3-way stops and intersections. What tiles you lay determine your car's path, how many points you score, and how likely you are to construct yourself into a corner.

The free demo includes 5 levels of fully-functional fun. The registered version unlocks 20 more levels, as well as an infinite number more by allowing you to use other level sets created by yourself or others. Also unlocked is the Level Editor, allowing you to point & click to create your own Roadworks levels.

Release Notes