Salling Media Sync

1.1.9 for

Synchronizes iTunes playlists, music, podcasts to some mobile devices.

Salling Media Sync synchronizes playlists, music, and podcasts from iTunes and photos from iPhoto or Aperture onto your mobile phone or media player. It's free to use, but when registered it intelligently updates your phone, which is much faster.

Salling Media Sync couldn't be easier to use. Once the device is connected to a USB port, simply select the playlists, podcasts, and photo albums you want on the device. Salling Media Sync not only uploads the music tracks and podcast episodes, but also replicates each actual playlist on the device and--on devices that support it--transfers play count metadata for each item to the device, reinforcing the sense of having a piece of iTunes in your pocket. Although Salling Media Sync works miracles with most media in iTunes, it can't bring over DRM-protected content.

Release Notes Version 1.1.9:
  • Compatibility with Dell Streak;
  • Compatibility with Motorola DROID X; and
  • Improved compatibility with some Sony Ericsson Android phones.
Special Notes iTunes 7.6 or latera compatible device