Santaduck Toolpak for UT2004

3.3 for

Multi-player Unreal Tournament 2004 utility.

Santaduck Toolpak contains more than Benchmarks, it has 7 fully standalone components:
  • DropUZ2 -- Compresses any files to .uz2 format. This is for game server admins who are setting up compressed redirected downloads.
  • DropUZ2Expander -- Expands .uz2 files.
  • CacheOut -- View or clean your Cache folder. You can install files to your game (.app bundle or home directory), or simply extract files to an outside folder. Will also repair bad or outdated cache.ini files. Installations to the .app bundle can be color-labeled by the finder. There are two modes, Automatic or Manual. In manual mode, you can confirm or decline the extraction of each file one at at time.
  • DropInstaller -- Will install files as well as folder sets (either to .app bundle or home directory). You can install entire folders from unzipped custom maps or even full conversion mods. For example, it will search through a main folder which has UT folders within it (e.g. Maps, Music, Texturs), as well as a "Mod" group folder with a full set of UT folders with that. Finally, DropInstaller will even make a "Dependencies" file, so you'll always know which files are necessary for each set, whether it's a map or a mod. No more wondering which textures go with that map!
  • DropUModOut -- Views, Extracts, or Installs .umod, .ut2mod, and .ut4mods to either an outside folder, or installs them. Will also read the .ut4mod files for the option of making changes to your INI file, and writes INI change suggestions for .ut2mod and .umod files to the log file for later viewing. Like DropInstaller, UmodExtractor also will make a "Dependencies" file, so you'll always know which files are necessary for each set, whether it's a map or a mod.
  • UnInstallIt -- Reads "Dependencies" files created by either DropInstaller or UmodExtractor, to allow you to uninstall files from your game. You can simply use this to view the dependencies between files, or you can uninstall them as a set-- If so, you have the option of removing the files to an outside folder, or simply deleting them. Never forget which textures go with which map again!
  • UT2K4 Santa Standard Bench -- Performance benchmarks in either "flyby" or "botmatch" mode, for demo and retail. No mucking around in the commandline, just point and click. Uses standard INI files of both maximum and minimum video and audio settings, so you can be sure what your video settings were every time. Windows version also included for comparison. UPDATE: New version 3.0 includes new options: full dynamic shadows, sound on/off, graphics on/off.
Release Notes Version 3.3:
  • Benchmarking apps updated to include all LCD widescreen resolutions, enabling of shadow rendering (available in UT2004 3369.2 and later), and enabling/disabling of sound and graphics.
  • DropInstaller also fixed, and will now install ucl and upl files.