Save the Farley Mowat

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Action game to raise awareness of wildlife conservation.

Save the Farley Mowat?New Zealand game studio turns digital punk on the Canadian governement.

Despite the cries of protest, the government of Canada continues with its barbaric seal kill. This ignorance and cruelty undermines what could and should be a great nation. Clubbing baby seals is an abomination, and the Canadian government deserves condemnation for their role in sponsoring and allowing this bloody, cruel, horrendous slaughter.

Deepwater3d is a game development studio based in New Zealand. To add our digital weight to the global outrage, we have compiled this video game "Save The Farley Mowat".

The objective of the game is to blast the droids of the Canadian military with your rocket launcher and machine gun, in order to reach the Sea Shepherd vessel impounded by the Canadians in a remote Newfoundland port.

The objective of creating the game is to raise awareness of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, who are fighting back against animal cruelty in this world, such as shark-finning, whaling, dolphin slaughter and sealing.

Animals are here with us, not for us.Say no to industrialised animal cruelty.

Release Notes Version 1.1.5:
  • Tweaked the existing preferences pane.
  • In order to adjust mouse sensitivity, you can now press escape once the game is running to change it.