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Go on adventures with each of the Shine Brite Kids.

SB-World (Shine Brite World) teaches kids values and success principles through adventures, stories, games, and more. We developed Shine Brite because we know that we want our children to be more than just "entertained" - we want them to SHINE BRITE! The Shine Brite Values are: STAND, CARE, BELIEVE, DREAM, ACHIEVE, and LOVE.

What Are You Waiting For? Get Shine Brite Today! As part of this commitment to help each child to be their best we have developed a Star Reward System that allows Parents to give their Children Star Points for things that they do at Home/School/Play. ie. - If a child helps clean the home you could award them up to 50 Star Points per Day inside the app. (See Parent Section for more Details). Your Child can use Star Points to get Virtual Toys, Furniture, Homes, Pets, and More. Your child will also earn Star Points by completing Adventures, Simple Quizzes, Washing the Dishes, Brushing Their Teeth, And Other Mini-Games throughout the app.


  • Designed for Ages 3-12
  • No In-App purchases
  • No Ads
  • No Tracking
  • No social media requirements
  • 8 User Slots
  • Each child can customize their own Kid to follow them on their Adventures

Current adventures:

  • The Garden - Your child will learn the power of Positive Thinking with Shine Brite kid Tarra. They will Plant a Garden and sort weeds from flowers.
  • Monkey Mono - Teach Monkey Mono the importance of treating others how we would like to be treated with Shine Brite Kid Sophie. Have fun sharing bananas, helping out, and learning the Golden Rule.
  • The Circus - Help Willie Wonderful at his Not So Wonderful Circus to learn the importance of diligence. Help clean up Willie's act as well as his very messy circus.
  • Ice Cream - Help Arie learn about acceptance and that everyone is unique and special. Have fun Building a unique Ice Cream Sundae and Shoot the Basket Ball.
  • Derby Race - Racers start your engines as you learn about doing your best with the Shine Brite Kids.

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