2.1.1 for

Play some of the original LucasArts adventure games.

ScummVM is a classic gaming interpreter and emulator that includes several interpreters for 2D adventures. There is currently support for several interpreters: AdventureSoft (Simon the Sorcerer 1/2), Revolution Software's Beneath a Steel Sky (not yet playable), and a SCUMM interpreter capable of running classic LucasArts and Humongous adventure games using the SCUMM/SPU engine. This includes titles such as Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max, The Dig, and more.

Note: While the software is classified as free, it is actually donationware. Please consider making a donation to help support development.

Release Notes Version 2.1.1:
  • Fixed crash when switching certain languages in GUI.
  • Fixed ESC erroneously saving the changes in the options dialog.
  • Improvements in FM-TOWNS/PC-98 audio.
  • Improved Greek language support in the GUI.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Only download saves when necessary.
  • Fixed buggy savestate in some scenes.
  • Added engine checkbox to target 120fps.
  • Fixed thumbnail portability.
  • Use virtual keyboard on save screen on relevant platforms.
  • Fixed EOB1-Amiga ending sequence (which would play only if you achieved all bonus quests).
  • Fixed monster random item drop chance in EOB1.
  • Added handling for the secret potion in the Legend of Kyrandia 2.
  • Fixed sound issues in the Legend of Kyrandia 2.
  • Fixed graphics glitches in Legend of Kyrandia 1 and 3, EOB1 and EOB2-FM-TOWNS.
  • Persist changes in game options across sessions.
  • Fixed regression with the display of the bellboy dialogue.
  • Numerous game script fixes in CAMELOT, ECO2, GK1, GK2, KQ7, PHANT1, PQ1VGA, QFG3, QFG4, SQ5 and SQ6.
  • Implement horizontal and FM-TOWNS type screen shake.
  • Added support for Phantasmagoria 1 censored mode.
  • Added support for Polish LSL7.
  • Added support for Italian GK2.
  • Added support for Portuguese GK2.
  • Added support for Russian KQ7.
  • Added support for Russian SQ1VGA.
  • Added support for GK2 fan-made subtitle patches.
  • Added support for Pajama2 (UK release).
  • Hooked F5 to the Main Menu.
  • Added Czech version support.
  • Fixed exiting from game menus when returning to the launcher.
  • Added several missing game variants and demos to the detection tables.
  • Fixed regression with stack handling.
  • Fixed the behavior of edit boxes.
  • Improved support for Chinese language game variants.
  • Fixed display of gold and gem amounts on the Switch.
  • Fixed tavern exit locations in Swords of Xeen.
  • Fixed crash loading Deep Mine Alpha in World of Xeen CD.
  • MIDI setting tabs are no longer shown if a game has no music at all.
All ports:
  • Fixed screen filling in non-paletted screen modes.
3DS port:
  • Major improvements.
AmigaOS4 port:
  • Minor tweaks (stack cookie, build automation).
Android port:
  • Improved filesystem navigation.
  • Proper handling of HiDPI displays.
  • Improved keyboard support.
iOS port:
  • The home indicator is now automatically hidden on iPhone X and later models.
MacOS X port:
  • Follow the OS dark theme for window decorations.
RISC OS port:
  • Fixed crash when accessing an unavailable drive.
  • Reduced the required DigitalRenderer version.
Switch port:
  • Added cloud integration.
OpenPandora port:
  • Minor improvements.
  • Added Text-to-Speech support.
  • Fix screenshots with Unicode paths.