Second Life Notifier

3.1 for

Check online/offline status of Second Life players.

Second Life Notifier can track who's getting online and offline and where they are without having to login into Second Life. Second Life Notifier doesn't merely display a list of online friends. By extracting the information from the Second Life website, it can maintain its own list of who's online, providing the ability to alert you when one of your friend gets online or offline.


  • Easily track who gets online and who gets offline
  • Track your friends' location as they move from one place to another
  • Using Growl, get visual notifications when one of your friend gets online or offline or change location
  • Get an audio alert or not when a friend gets online, a different audio alert when a friend gets offline and another audio alert when a friend changes location
  • With one click, join your friends in Second Life at their exact location, as long as they gave you permission to see them on the map
  • See who is in range of the SL Notifier server and who is on your land
  • Initiate a conversation with someone by sending them a teleport offer to your server where you can then start chatting and getting their response
  • Eject indesirable people from your land
  • Send Instant Messages to anybody appearing in the lists
  • Access information about anybody on the lists
  • Get your land info and monitor how many prims are on your land
  • Get the weather and the time of day in Second Life (a day in SL being 4 hours)
  • Access the list of your friends from the menu bar even when Second Life Notifier is not the active application
  • Use the Dock menu to check who's online without having to bring Second Life Notifier in the foreground
  • Check Second Life Notifier application icon in the Dock to see how many friends are online
Release Notes Version 3.1:
  • Fixes (again) a problem caused by changes that Linden did to the friends' Web page which would cause Second Life Notifier not to show any friend online
  • Adds an option to display the "Second Life" profile of an avatar. This is the same profile information that you get when you look at the profile of someone in Second Life. Note that at this time, it will work only for avatar that have their original name; it won't work if an avatar changed his name. There is currently no easy way to retrieve the original name of a given avatar, unfortunately.
  • Adds a new search for the Second Life profile of an avatar by entering his name. The "Second Life" profile is the same profile you get when looking at the profile of someone in Second Life.
  • New logout command so that you can login under a different avatar name. Note that you still need to have a registration number for that avatar, meaning you need to buy another server inworld and rezz it to get your registration number for that 2nd avatar.
Special Notes Valid Second Life account.