Secret Maryo Chronicles

1.9 for

Jump and run sidescroller game.

Secret Maryo Chronicles is a Jump and Run game like Super Mario World with an advanced Editor and highly detailed Graphics based on SDL with a OpenGL accelerated Graphics Renderer developed in C++.
Release Notes Version 1.9:
  • New Enemy
    The Spikeball is resistant against almost everything as he can not get hit with a jump, turtle shell, spika or thromp but only with the star. Thanks to Yoshis_Fan for the graphics.
  • New Sprites
    The rotated sign, cloud block, sand block and slime block are now available.
  • Editor updates
    New path rewind move type, deselect everything with SHIFT + CTRL + A, new music when leaving level settings is played immediality, editor mouse auto hide added to the options, and fixes for the Level and World editor.
  • New Static Enemy
    This big metal spike is resistant to Fire and Ice.