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Political tyrant board game.

Simbabwe... You have to burn a lot of houses to become one of the world's foremost tyrants.

Welcome to Simbabwe, where the property is already owned and the houses built and you compete to burn and dispossess them. Plunder farms, deny grain silos to opposition supporters, rig elections, gaol opponents and taunt the Commonwealth as you use intimidation and stooges to create a mugaboly on power.

Compete with Robert Mugabe, Canaan Banana, Cecil Rhodes and Sir Godfrey Huggins to earn a place on the all-time EU travel ban list.

Easy to play but difficult to escape from, Simbabwe is a richly detailed, evolved board game with unscrupulous AI and editorial cartoon graphics.

Familiar gaming metaphors and an authentic OS X aqua interface minimise the download-to-despotism time. Detailed in-game help is provided to get players and their thugs up and burning as quickly as possible.


  • Challenging AI
  • Sophisticated inflation model: watch prices go up and savings erode every time you print money.
  • International reputation model: your actions determine whether you get aid, a travel ban or a slam dunk in the slammer on setting foot outside Zimbabwe.
  • Splenetic graphics
  • Vibrant sound effects
  • Over 60 dynamically triggered events, including adopting Marxism in 1988, the Land Reallocation Act 1992 and Operation Drive Out Rubbish
  • Detailed in-game help
  • Plumes of smoke
Release Notes Version 1.8:
  • Plumes of noxious smoke billow from torched other people\'s property
  • Bug fixes and tweaks
  • Version number incremented