SiN Gold Updater

1.1.3 for

Adds MacOS X compatibility.

SiN Gold Updater ports the game so that it runs on MacOS X.
Release Notes Version 1.1.3 fixes the following:
  • Cannot assign \"USE\" key in InputSprocket.
  • Launching SiN generates the following error message: \"The Application \"SiN\" could not be opened, because \"SiN\" could not be found.\"
  • Game crashes when a movie plays on a multi monitor system, and one of the video cards is a 3dfx Voodoo card.
  • Game crashes with a type 12 error on video card/monitor configs that don\'t support gamma (Voodoo 3/5 with the Apple 15\" display).
  • If Extensions folder is not called \"Extensions\" (as in some localized versions of MacOS), SiN couldn\'t find the Indeo plug in.
  • SiN crashes intermittently with a \"Type 2\" error.
  • Pulse Rifle in Wages of SiN displayed incorrectly.
  • When logging into a server that has a map that you don\'t have. SiN will begins downloading the map, then gives a \"Rename Failed\" error.
  • After winning Wages of SiN, video mode defaults to 1024x768.
  • Saved games from Wages of SiN conflicting with SiN saved games.
  • When selecting a video mode larger than your desktop mode, a window is created that only contains a portion of the game screen.
Special Notes SiN Gold, MacOS 8.6 - OS X.*Previously available here