2.0.0 for

Play Nintendo 64 games on your Mac.

sixtyforce is an emulator that runs Nintendo 64 games. It does this by dynamically translating the code that a Nintendo 64 uses into something your Mac understands. Nearly every part of a Nintendo 64 has been painstakingly recreated entirely out of software to pull off such an amazing feat.
Release Notes Version 2.0.0 (beta 1):
  • Rewrote the majority of sixtyforce in Swift.
  • sixtyforce can now download and install app updates.
  • Completely rewrote game controller support, adding new controller art, improved element naming and much more.
  • Added a completely redesigned interface for configuring game controllers.
  • Added support for the Switch Pro controller, Xbox One controller and newer PS4 controllers.
  • Worked around a bug in macOS Catalina that caused a warning dialog to appear.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented game controllers from registering D-pad diagonal directions properly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Xbox One controller triggers from working.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented files from opening when dropped on the app icon.