Slide & Stack

9.5 for

Similar to Rubik's Cube.

Slide & Stack is a brain challenging game. Looks like the 2D version of Rubik's Cube but is something different. Simple movements and infinite possibilities makes you train your logic thinking in order to solve this puzzle.

The game starts with a four colored bar and a four by four square with all colors in their place. Suddenly the bar starts to move, rotating around the square and stacking itself into the square. When it stops moving, all colors are out of place and is your turn to organize them.

Unlock the logic behind this game. Stop and restart playing selecting the difficulty level at will. On-game animated instructions will help you understand the dynamics.

Release Notes Version 9.5:
  • Support for a future subscription service added
  • Soon you will be able to play all baKno games
  • With a single monthly payment
  • Minor bug fixes