Solitaire and arithmetic game.

Solly takes a quartet of age-old single-player amusements and gives them a high-scoring twist.

The solitaire games in Solly are longer simply exercises in alternating colors, pattern matching, and leap-frog, with an all-or-nothing view of success. The innovative scoring features of Card Game, Tile Game, Peg Game, and Memory Game challenge the player's number sense, rewarding a good show of mathematical strategy with a potentially enormous score, even for incomplete attempts.

After all, who cares if you couldn't complete the game when you've accumulated an 18-digit score?

Release Notes Version 2.0:
  • Universal: Now runs natively on PPC and Intel-based Macs
  • Name shortened from "Solitairithmetic" to "Solly"
  • Memory Game added
  • Scoring simplified with the retirement of "MDAS Scoring Mode"
  • Appearance updated
  • Background music provided by jazz musician John Stebbe
  • Automatic update checking option
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Free Upgrade. Purchasers of Solitairithmetic 1.x should contact [email protected] for upgrade information.