Space Roads

1.3 for

Action game set in space.

Space Roads?Remake of an old classic game 'SkyRoads'. Your goal is to complete a road in the space with your ship, whereby you have to avoid obstacles: blocks on the road that you mustn't collide with and gaps in the road that you mustn't fall through.

You can accelerate and decelerate your ship, move it left and right, and jump, so you have the option to jump over gaps and onto blocks surfaces or move around obstacles. The faster you travel, the faster you also can move left or right and the wider you can jump.

  • Light Green: You will accelerate quickly. (called "Boost" in the game)
  • Dark Green: You can't steer your ship left or right. (called "Slippery" in the game)
  • Light Red: You will decelerate quickly. (called "Sticky" in the game)
  • Dark Red: Your ship will explode. It is safe to be on the very edge of a light red square. (called "Burning" in the game)
  • Blue: Refills your Nitrogen and fuel. Several levels have hidden blue tiles that must be reached in order to complete the level. (called "Supplies" in the game)
  • Dark Gray: Reduces your nitrogen.
  • Yellow: your ship will move normal.
Release Notes Version 1.3:
  • Minor bugs fixed.