Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds

1.1.1 for

Real-time space strategy game.

The destiny of a galaxy hangs in the balance and you're in command. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds lets you lead the armies of Star Wars to victory in intense, real-time strategy clashes. Enter the fray as Darth Vader and the Galactic Empire, the Rebel Alliance with a legion of Jedi, the greedy Trade Federation, the Royal Naboo and other civilizations in campaigns that will determine the final outcome of the Galactic Civil War. You are able to manage your resources and upgradeable technology into your strategy, such as Wookiee ingenuity, advanced Gungan biotechnology, and Jedi stamina. The action continues as you are able to command X-wing fighters, Tie fighters, Imperial Walkers, and other famed Star Wars vehicles. Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Face your destiny!

Release Notes Version 1.1.1 adds the following:
  • Fixed issue where you could not play a game if you had a hard drive named "Data".
  • Fixed issue with Jaguar on some systems where it would fail to pick a valid Draw Sprocket context and not launch, or would default to the wrong monitor leaving you with a black screen. It is recommended that you delete the file "SWGB Preferences" or "SWGBCC Preferences in System Folder->Preferences (or ~/Library/Preferences on OSX).
  • Monitor picking dialog now has proper theme background.
  • Game now launches URLs properly under 10.2.
  • Optimized the blitters; they're now roughly 10-25% faster in some cases.
  • 3rd party .rms (random map) files should load and run fine now.
  • Screenshots (via F13) are now saved in the game's Screenshots folder.
  • Command-Q now prompts you to quit when in the middle of a game.
  • Updated build to use CodeWarrior Pro 8.
  • Updated to use release version of OpenPlay 2.1.