5.0 beta 2 for

Rhythm pattern game.

Stepmania is a rhythm game. Arrows pointing in different directions scroll up from the bottom of the screen and the player must hit the corresponding button in time to the music. The game can be played with your hands using the keyboard, but the real fun comes when using a sensor-laden "dance pad".

StepMania has Game Modes similar to Konami's Dance Dance Revolution and Andamiro's Pump It Up, Amuseworld's EZ2Dancer, and Konami's Para Para Paradise. Support for more games is planned in the future.

Release Notes Version 5.0 beta 2:
  • [NotesLoaderSM] New algorithm for converting negative BPMs and stops to warps, more closely matching the behavior of old StepManias.
  • [MusicWheel] Add the ChangeSort method to the Lua interface to allow the theme to switch sorting methods.
  • [Player] Add a "Column" parameter to the StepMessage to allow the theme or chart to discover which column is being triggered.
  • [ArchHooks] Unix: Move UserPackages to Packages in the per-user directory, and remove Data from the per-user directory. Users who have installed packages to UserPackages will need to migrate them to Packages instead.
  • [Player] Fix a stutter that can take place when mines are skipped during warp segments. [phantom, wolfman2000]
  • [TimingData, ScreenEdit] Fixed behavior in the editor whereby making changes to Song Timing would unexpectedly change all charts to Steps Timing. (Thanks to DJ OMiY for reporting and isolating the problem.)
  • [Screen] Allow overlay screens to accept codes.
  • [TimingChanges, ScreenEdit] Fix a bug in the editor where adding BPM changes that differ by a very small amount from the previous BPM change were not added at all. [vulture/wolfman2000]
  • [ScreenGameplayShared] Fix routine mode. [djpohly/FSX/shakesoda/wolfman2000]