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Puzzle game where you capture territories.

Take part in a battle of two wizards who struggle to gain world dominance by capturing territories with magic stones in this puzzle game. Play with computer or your friend as Sapphire blue and Emerald green, who are placing their stones of different shapes on the arena in order to loot as much territory to their posession as possible. You can even have the computer play against itself!

As the game begins, you find yourself and your enemy on a arena of 10 x 10 squares to occupy. Each turn both players place one stone until neither one has a free spot to lay his/her stones on. At the end, the player who has more score is victorious.

The flexible scoring options allow you to choose 4 different scoring methods, and 3 different game lengths will give the game variation which will make it last longer. And, when you begin to feel that the computer opponent is not good enough for you, remember that you can always playing against your friends too.

Release Notes Version 1.0.1:
  • Fixed popup menus in options dialog under Mac OS X 10.3
  • Improved saving of preferences