Sudoku Susser

2.5.8 for

Helps solve Sudoku puzzles.

Sudoku Susser is a comprehensive Sudoku assistant and master-level solver.

Hints mode shows you what numbers are legal for the remaining squares. The Deducer uses human-style reasoning to solve the puzzles and can take you step-by-step through their solution with detailed explanations of each step. The brute-force Recurse option solves all puzzles. And tons of hilighting modes help you see the patterns in the puzzles.

You can even drag puzzles right off the web-pages of major UK newspapers into the application, then edit, save and print them for offline fun.

Release Notes Version 2.5.8:
  • Bug fix in 2.5.6 caused paste of text puzzles to sometimes fail if a log panel had the focus; this has been fixed.
  • Relaxed a restriction in the Consequence Trees hilighters that caused it to sometimes miss contradictions that had a common "trunk" path. While it's arguable that this restriction is reasonable (and I'll argue it), it's pedantic, unhelpful to the user, and sometimes caused the hilighter to report a verity that, while it had correct implications (and wouldn't steer you wrong), wasn't a "real" verity. Kudos to Setemkia (Fawn) Falling Tree for noticing this.