0.4 for

Helps solve Sudoku puzzle games via command line.

Sudokut is a command line sudoku solver. It will require use of Mac OS X's Terminal.app.

Sudoku is a logic game which has recently gained a wide popularity. The game operates thusly: using numbers 1 through 9, you must fill in a nine-column, nine-row grid (made of 9 3x3 blocks) without repeating digits. All the digits between 1 and 9 must be present once and only once in each row, each column and each block.

Release Notes Version 0.4:
  • naked quadruplets reduction.
  • hidden quadruplets reduction.
  • swordfish reduction.
  • new option -e to put in explanatory mode.
  • new option -i to ignore some solving techniques.
  • new option -l to rate the level of difficulty.
  • support for pipes: sudokut can now read from standard input.
  • improved readability of messages.