Taxpayers Millions

1.2 for

Satirical government ruling game.

Taxpayers' Millions, Chance of a Lifetime is a satirical arcade and puzzle game in which the player governs a famous SW Pacific nation and seeks re-election.

Squander your way through a campaign or blunder your way through the five unique subplots individually.

Can you, armed only with a keen inability to perceive events around you:

  • Keep your foreign policy intact by avoiding jelly wrestling Dali Lamas?
  • Backflip around conflict of interest questions, and nail Bradman to your white picket fence?
  • Bounce the barrels of pork into your marginal electorates?
  • Avoid conceding that refugees are not in fact Insect-like-Battledoids?
  • Plausibly deny being briefed on any of this?
The levels are heavily influenced by arcade and puzzle classics, but with degrees of bitterness previously thought to exist only in theory.
Release Notes Version 1.2 adds the following:
  • Improved graphics
  • Faster loading
  • More readable instructions