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Sudoku/Tetris hybrid game.

Can you reach Tetroku? Strategically place falling blocks in this pulse racing Sudoku/Tetris hybrid game.

Complete the grid of 81 squares to reach your goal - Tetroku!

Position the numbered blocks (1-9) as they fall so that the numbers do not appear in the same row, column or box. Bonus points can be gained by completing a row, column, box or slice. These are known as tricks and multiple tricks increase your bonus score exponetially.

Special blocks include:

  • Wild block. These bocks can make things easier as they can be placed anywhere.
  • Random block. These blocks reveal a random number and may or may not be helpful.

A special mention needs to be made of the slice bonus. This will cause the blocks involved to turn into wild blocks. Trust me, this can be very helpful.
Release Notes Version 1.1:
  • Added "Level" column to high score table;
  • Added "Sound" adjustment to preferences;
  • Added "Background pictures" to preferences;
  • Other minor fixes.