The Cross Formula

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Puzzle-based adventure game.

The Cross Formula is an intense adventure with exciting turns, puzzles and characters.

You wake up in a roadside motel with no memory of who you are. The police suspect you of murder. Search for clues in this Puzzle Adventure game as you retrace your steps back to an old diner, a UFO fanatic's trailer, and a secret military base.

Along the way, bits of a cryptic code flash through your mind. What is this strange formula and why does it have such a powerful hold over you?

Solve puzzles, talk with quirky characters, and look for items to piece together the story of who you really are, and what really happened.


  • 47 scenes to explore that take you off the beaten path.
  • 32 unique mind-stretching puzzles to solve.
  • An old style adventure accessible to everyone.
  • Unique mind-stretching puzzles to solve.
  • Intriguing story, quirky characters, and unusual settings.
  • Perfect if you're in the mood for something different.
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