The Dark Reef

3.0 for

Secret military operation game.

The Dark Reef is an underwater sci-fi game. Deep in the Pacific Ocean a secret military operation has uncovered something sinister and the International research station Dark Reef is in its path. It?s up to you to protect the station and its inhabitants while they race to unravel the origin and secrets of this mysterious new force.

You are the station?s last line of defense, protecting The Dark Reef science team from the onslaught of a mysterious and inhuman foe.

Chapter 1 puts you in the pilot's seat of several powerful underwater assault craft.

Episode 1: Benthic Shield pits you against a variety of weird underwater creatures in a desperate attempt to find missing repair crews and find out what happened to a lost military outpost.

Episode 2: Novskorad has you exploring the massive Novskorad shipyard and supply facility, to rescue Melissa and the survivors of a massive ambush.

Release Notes Version 3.0:
  • Added Episode 3: Augustis