The Fifth Gate

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Fantasy-themed time-management game.

In The Fifth Gate, journey to a fantasy world with magic and potions. The Fifth Gate is an addicting time management game by PlayFirst. Eden is kidnapped and imprisoned in the gardens; her only hope of returning home is unlocking the Garden Gates. Plants are growing, pests are coming, potions need to be made, and it's your job to help Eden tackle them all before time runs out! Save her by restoring five magical gardens and collecting gems to open the five magical gates. Will you be able to keep up, bring the gardens back to life, and free Eden?Features
  • Restore 5 magical gardens
  • Unlimited number of levels
  • 60 quests to complete
  • Blend and sell 45 different kinds of potions
  • Collect 25 gems to unlock the five gates
Release Notes
Special Notes G4 800 MHz or faster processor1024x768 minimum screen resolution75 MB available hard drive space64 MB Video RAM recommended