The Jalape?o Slot Machine

1.2 for

Spicy slot machine.

Turn up the head with The Jalape?o Slot Machine. It's not just a slot machine, it's the Jalape?o Slot Machine! And once you play the Jalape?o Slot Machine, you'll NEVER go back!

Gaming Modes:
  • Regular Slot Mode
    • Play as long as you'd like in 'Regular Slot Mode'. Insert credits and continue on!
    • Choose either the standard three wheel machine or the five wheel machine!
  • Challenge Mode
    • Do you think you got what it takes to play in 'Challenge Mode' or are you just a wimp? Play in three difficulties: Mild, Medium, and Hot! If you're really brave, test your luck in the Hot Difficulty!
  • BEWARE OF THREE OR FIVE CARROTS! Land on ALL Carrots and you won't like it! The Carrot is NOT a pepper!
  • Land on the right combination and you'll get FREE SPINS!
  • Flashing logo when you land on a winning combination!
  • Share your scores as you play with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, and/or e-mail!

This App is Game Center enabled with eight different Leaderboards and fifty-two Achievements that will keep you in competition with all of your Game Center buddies!

Release Notes Version 1.2:
  • OS X 10.10 Yosemite compatibility