The Last Unit

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Futuristic shooter with armored mech suit.

The Last Unit?Year 2044. You are a member of the first tripulated expedition to a mysterious planet outside the limits of our Solar System. You are also the only survivor. Get in your Armored Mech Suit before the alien animals get close and do the only thing that can give you a chance to live another day: Kill them all.You are stranded on a space platform overwhelmed by aliens. Fight wave after wave of enemies, using Bullets, Rockets, and Lasers. Keep moving to avoid being hit and pick up ammo and repair kits from fallen enemies.


  • Endure several waves of enemies attacks to survive.
  • Use you radar to anticipate enemies attacks.
  • Upgrade shop: improve your speed, gun damage and your invisible shield.
  • 3 Weapon types: Gatling Gun, Rocket Launcher, and Laser Cannon.
  • 5 enemy types with different projectile and melee attacks.
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