The Loonimals Toy Box

v1.0 for

11 mini games for kids.

The Loonimals Toy Box turns your computer into a box of delights for children!

They can play and learn with lots of Loonimals puzzles and games, collect Stars, Fish and Fruits!

  • Pinball ! - The classic game comes with an amazing Loonimals design !
  • Air Hockey ! - A great addition to your Toy Box! can you beat the computer ?!
  • Underwater Basketball ! - Shoot Looniballs to the baskets in an underwater world and collect fish!
  • Puzzles ! - Gorgeous puzzles designed for kids that help them to learn figures and patterns, with a fun and friendly interface.
  • Shapes ! - Loonimals are transformed into different shapes: squares, triangles, and circles. Drop them in their matching shaped homes!
  • Card Matching ! - A memory game designed to be fun and educational! Match the Loonicards to win.
  • Pachinko ! - It's a fun Looniballs dropping game! Drop the Looniballs and try to catch them in the basket and collect fruits along the way!
  • Loonimals Soundboard ! - Get to know the Loonimals in person. Learn each species and the sounds they make in the wild!
  • LooniDrums and Xylophone - kids can now create music with the Loonimals !
  • Lights Memory Challenge - a fun memory game !
  • Labyrinth - direct the Looniball to the target and collect goodies on your way !
And wait? there is more! Inside the Toy Box there is a sticker book to fill with collectibles and stickers that you can earn or find within the games and puzzles!!!
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