The Sims House Party Updater

1.3.2 for

Fixes for Macs with multiple video cards.

The Sims House Party Updater adds the following:
  • Fixed a minor memory leak in the Far file loading system.
  • Fixed a random crash when the Repo Man zaps an item. Also fixes a similar crash with the Clown Catchers.
  • The Room mood bar was occasionally overdrawing to the left, most notably in a room containing an indoor swimming pool.
  • Reduced CPU usage while the game is paused.
  • Mac OS X only: The number of open files allowed has been increased dramatically to facilitate user add-ons (ie, downloadable objects and skins). If this limit is exceeded, a fatal alert is displayed.
  • Mac OS X only: The software does not properly redraw the game screen after a hardware "wake from sleep". This is a known issue, but will not be fixed.
  • House Party only: A maximum of 99 neighborhoods may now be created (previously only 9 were allowed).
Release Notes
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