ThinkTanks for

3D power-up tank combat game.

ThinkTanks a single and multiplayer cartoon-styled tank game developed by BraveTree Productions. Reminiscent of the simple fun of Atari "Combat, ThinkTanks is a 3-D power-up based tank combat game with a simplified play mechanic meant to appeal to both the casual gamer and hardcore gamer.

ThinkTanks are small armored vehicles that contain the brains of soldiers that were stolen by an alien race and placed in reinforced glass jars on top of the tank turrets. In arenas constructed to resemble earth, the aliens have pitted the disembodied soldiers against each other for their diabolical amusement. The game has both team battle modes and individual battle matches.

Release Notes Version
  • Universal Binary
  • Adjusted Tanks to make heavy more useful
  • Made Aiming easier
  • Changed reload station so that powerups are not cleared
  • Scrumball now hops toward center of map
  • Added an option to cycle between all maps from a dedicated server
  • Increased time that low ammo message is on the screen
  • Increased range of the radar
  • Changed transparency of the radar
  • Made health powerups show up on radar when health is low
  • Lifting finger off mouse for an extended period now reloads ammo burst (no more one shot bursts)
  • Added pause key for solo and quickplay play (ESC key)
  • Removed the ability to make a Demo name in registered version
  • Added Target range for new users
  • Also: Improved LAN play support, DirectX support, graphics optimizations