0.2.1 for

3D space-shooter game.

Note: Thrustoids is no longer under development, and it is no longer available for sale.

Thrustoids is a 3D space-shooter arcade game. This is the second release available to the public. There are no known bugs and should not in any way harm your computer or data, it is called a beta simply because the gameplay is not finished. I welcome bug reports and suggestions, please email me.
Release Notes Version 0.2.1:
  • Fixes texture problems in Panther
  • Pause with the 'p' key
  • You can take screenshots with the '-' (minus) key. It will save a .tga image file to your desktop named LBScreenshot_[number].tga. You can open this with Preview and save it to any format you like.
  • New ship models and textures.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Console mode, hit '~' to bring up the console. E.g. type set level 12 to change the current level to 12.
  • Power-ups: glowing balls floating in the grid represent power-ups. Green boosts weapon energy, red boosts fuel, and blue boosts shield power.