TicketDrum for

For raffles, door prizes, etc.

TicketDrum is a program that allows you to perform random drawings without dealing with any physical tickets or tokens. It can be used for just about any type of drawing - door prizes, raffles, even bingo! TicketDrum comes with tools to help manage prizes, too, not just for your current drawing, but for future drawings as well. You can also generate a report as to what prizes were won and who won them. If you're holding a live drawing before an audience, you can even display pictures of the prizes as they are being drawn for.

The 'tickets' or 'tokens' can be actual numbered tickets, names, e-mail addresses, or any other combination of numbers and letters, so you could hold a drawing based on ticket sales, e-mail entries, or just a contact list you already have.

TicketDrum was also designed with the idea that computers aren't perfect, so everything is recorded in a database just in case there's a system problem. So even if you're forced to reboot your computer in the middle of a drawing, you should be able to pick up right were you left off.

TicketDrum also has many different options to tailor it to the way you do your drawings - you shouldn't need to change the way you do things to start using TicketDrum.

Release Notes Version
  • Increased speed when adding ticket ranges
  • Other minor glitches cleaned up