Topaz B&W Effects

2.1.0 for

Develop stunning black-and-white photography.

Topaz B&W Effects is designed to be an end-to-end workflow for black and white photography. Use the latest B&W conversion technology to create truly stunning and unique images.

B&W Effects creates stunning conversions by doing three things well:

  • Tonal contrast
    Tonal contrast, a core feature of our B&W conversion engine, is literally everything in a monochrome image. Get darker blacks and whiter whites.
  • Authentic grain
    Give your photos that authentic look and feel. Choose from a wide variety of popular film grain styles that were physically scanned from real film.
  • Great effects
    Add creative finishing touches to your photos, including artistic styles, vignettes, and borders. Never end up with a boring photo.

Release Notes Version 2.1.0:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this has no version number, the developer refers to it as version 2.1.0.

  • Zone System: This visual tool will allow users to identify various zones in their images and will also allow users to observe the changes in zones as exposure (and other) adjustments are made.
  • Apply Button: This feature allows users to apply changes without having to exit the program. Users can apply multiple presets one after another.
  • Borders: Prior versions of BW Effects only had a choice of 2 borders: Solid Black or Solid White. This version adds many more options.
  • Tone QuickTools: QuickTool buttons have been added for Silver and Paper toning for Selenium, Gold (blue), Copper (Red), Sepia and Antique Dye
  • Language Support: BW v2.1 will support Spanish, French, German, (Brazilian) Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Taiwanese). If user's machine has one of these languages set in region/language settings, the UI will be rendered in that language.
Special Notes One of the following:Adobe Photoshop CS3 or laterAdobe Photoshop Elements 6 or laterAdobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 or laterApple Aperture 2 or laterApple iPhoto (all versions)Corel PaintShop Pro or PhotoImpact