6.0 for

Explore vast 3D worlds of sound and landscape.

From the server... The TQworld servers customize a unique game and soundtrack based on how well you're playing. You'll never play the same game twice and no two players see the same levels.

...to your computer... Your customized game experience arrives instantly through the Internet and into the tranquility Game Browser on your computer. The data that's sent for each level is quite small and you won't have long "loading..." delays like other on-line games. This small burst of data only occurs between loading levels. tranquility doesn't require a continuous net connection while you're playing.

...to your subconscious. This is where the real magic happens. As you play tranquility, you'll subconsciously synchronize with the visual and audio patterns.

Release Notes Version 6.0: With a few minor bug fixes, this now includes Universal binary.