Tri 2: Tri Again

2.0 for

Tri-geared contraption game.

In Tri 2: Tri Again, the Con-TRI-ption --the unusual tri-geared contraption-- traverses a triangular game area by feeding a single loop of chain through three motorized gears and three pulleys. The challenge is to master the gearing system to make the Con-TRI-ption go where you want, accumulating fuel and points while avoiding deadly tri-pedoes.

Adding to the challenge in Tri 2 are new spinners that temporarily change the positions of the color-coded gears ... and triple the value of the point targets.

Note: Until registered, the game displays scores using Trinary Numbers.

Release Notes Version 2.0:
  • Universal Binary: Runs natively on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs
  • New game elements: spinners, tri-pedoes, and drifting targets
  • Sleek new appearance
  • Expanded configuration options
  • Color-coded score display: score changes color as each "Tri Score" plateau is achieved
  • Background music ("The Fibonacci Waltz") provided by Ted Froberg
  • Automatic update checking
  • Free upgrade: Purchasers of Tri 1.x should contact us for upgrade information