Trophy Truck Extreme

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Extreme offroad truck racing.

Trophy Truck Extreme?Welcome to extreme off road racing! Hit the track driving an 800 HP monster machine. Compete against 5 other AI drivers at one of the best off road tracks around. But bring your "A" game, cause these guys play rough! Battle your way to the front of the pack while getting bumped, banged, and smashed all around the track!!

Begin by driving buggies or jump right into the pro truck circuit, your choice.


  • High Score System - Best Lap, Best Air Time, Longest Skid, and More.
  • Get air off jumps and build "Nitro" Boost power to blast to the head of the pack!
  • AI cars are brutal and they have no problem taking you out of the race. Its their job to stop you from winning the race and scoring a great lap time! Try your best to stay clear of them.
  • Configure joystick/steering wheel controllers by using "input" tab at start of game. Click on the "Primary" column and assign controls for more realistic racing!
  • Configure all sounds and graphics in the "Settings" area.
  • You can also enable/disable special effects to help increase performance of game if needed on your system.
  • Car Resets - If for some reason your car gets stuck or crashed the game will automatically reset your car on the track. Your car will stay partially invisible as to not collide with any other cars as you get reset.
Smash Level:
  • I just added a "SMASH" level to the game, where you can destroy items all around the track and also use the items to slow your opponents down or crash them out.
  • Realistic Physics of destructible items.
  • In the process of creating more tracks and add-ons for future updates.
Thanks for supporting an Independent Developer!! Enjoy the game!!
Release Notes