Vampire Secrets - Eternal Love

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Discover an ancient society of vampires in this hidden-object game.

In Vampire Secrets - Eternal Love, a series of nocturnal kidnappings bring unrest to Eastern Europe, and even the world?s best detectives cannot crack the case. It?s up to you to face these troubled times while you embark on a dangerous journey in search of your younger sister Maria. Your inquiry will lead you from London to the heart of Transylvania where you will unravel the secrets of Bran Castle, a place overshadowed by the myth of Count Dracula. Immerse yourself in the ancient society of vampires through "Vampire Secrets - Eternal Love," a truly captivating hidden-object game!


  • Beautiful and detailed levels, and high quality graphics
  • Original concepts from a Transylvanian developer studio depicting an authentic vampire universe
  • Immersive game-play with complex story and great settings/sound atmosphere
  • Free look option with zoom-in and camera-pan features

Release Notes Version 1.0:

Note: 3.5.0f5 is the version number reported in Finder; it is a reflection of the app's Unity runtime version. The developer refers to this version of the app as 1.0.