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Hidden object adventure game.

In Vampireville game you play the role of Michael Christensen, an appraiser from Rockwell & Rockwell. You are assigned to appraise Malgrey Castle for the government as no one has come into heirdom for over 100 years. But be careful! Your colleagues ended up in a mental home after their visit to this mysterious place. Can you uncover the secret of Malgrey Castle and find out what's going on here?

Look for hidden objects, solve challenging puzzles, and meet bright and remarkable characters throughout Vampireville game! Enjoy gripping storyline, stunning graphics and amazing voice acting! Will you find out what happened to your colleagues in the Malgrey Castle?


  • Addictive hidden object game play
  • Challenging puzzles to solve
  • Gripping Vampireville storyline
  • Remarkable characters
  • Great graphics and voice
  • acting
  • Uncover a century
  • long mystery of Malgrey Castle!
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