Virus Out

1.0.2 for

Virus spoof game.

Virus Out is a spoof application that takes you through an imaginative ride of dealing with viruses - as if the Mac had to deal with them. When you see a virus, be quick to squash it before it has a chance to cause harm. If you are lucky, you may even recover some funds those little guys have stolen in their journeys.

For use in those situations where your finger is simply not good enough, we include a free can of Virus Out spray with each trial use! If needed, you can use recovered funds dropped by the viruses to purchase more cans of Virus Out. Alternatively you can keep the funds to help boost you virus removal performance rating!

(Please note that Virus Out is a satirical game, with completely fictitious characters and concepts. In plain terms, it does not search for viruses in your computer, you do not actively remove any viruses from your system, and none of your files will be harmed by playing this game.)

Release Notes Verison 1.02:
  • Universal Binary