Wacoon Jump!

1.9 for

An advanced 2D platformer.

Are you ready to play Wacoon Jump!? If you love collecting coins, stomping critters, getting powers and discovering tons of secrets & bonus... well, let's go!

Wacoon Jump! is an advanced 2D platformer that brings the console gaming experience to your Mac!!!

Along this incredible adventure, play as Wacoon, a heroic and funny character who must save The Royal Jelly recently kidnapped by critters. Wacoon will find himself dragged in a grand quest that will lead him through amazing and gorgeous places where he will be dealing with many traps and monsters who are, for some, able to help each others.

To face these trials, use Wacoon?s abilities such like the wall jump, the backflip, or even the ground pounding. You will also get powers like the Tornado?s Helmet, which allows you to spin, or the Pirate?s Scarf! By practicing, you will perform super stylish moves, and then gain access to secret areas and bonus!

  • Wacoon Jump! is a full premium console platformer on Mac!
  • Absolutely stunning graphics!
  • A lovely cartoon-jazzy soundtrack!
  • Tons of achievements and leaderboards on Game Center
  • So much worlds to explore!
  • Get super powers like the Tornado's Helmet, the Pirate's Scarf, or even the Bathing Cap!
  • A lot of secrets & bonus to find and collect!
  • Regular updates with new features and upgrades!
  • Supports PLAYSTATION3 and XBOX360 controllers!
  • Hours and hours of gameplay!
Release Notes Version 1.9:
Major Changes:
  • [ADD] ENGINE - App is now 64 bits
Minor Changes:
  • [FIX] GAMEPLAY - Balanced timeout logic in levels
  • [FIX] BUG - GameCenter: Local & online achievements not being sync. properly
  • [FIX] BUG - Going back to the Planet from Ch. 3 would lead to Ch. 1
  • [FIX] GFX - New App Icon
  • [FIX] GFX - New Splashscreen
  • [FIX] GFX - Removed visual water glitches on big screens
  • [FIX] OTHER - Now, does not prompt for rating at startup
  • [FIX] OTHER - Removed asking for control mode at first start
  • [FIX] OTHER - Removed asking to redirect to Shop in some cases
  • [3RD] Cocos2d - Migrated to cocos2d v2.2 (custom)